Your Complete Wedding Venue Marketing Solution

We’ve designed the perfect marketing system, just for wedding venues. Earn higher quality website traffic, perform better on social media and manage large numbers of leads using our award-winning marketing system.

Get better leads and covert them to tours & bookings

Too many low quality leads to handle? Struggling to book weekday weddings? Paying too much for Google Ads or TikTok? 

Venue Spark’s advanced marketing solution can help.

We’ve built a marketing system that is the perfect balance of services and software to capture the right leads and guide couples through the booking journey.

SEO, Social Media & Ads

Our advanced SEO, Google Ads and Social Media service will generate high quality leads and lower your acquisition costs.

We focus on quality, not just quantity, measure the booking rate per platform. 

(We’re also rather good at Reels!)

SMS & Email

Introduce couples to your venue and guide them through your sales process. 

Welcome new leads by automatically sending  SMS messages and emails to them. Our AI will even respond to their replies.

Automate Appointment Bookings

Allow couples to automatically book a meeting with your venue sales team if they meet your criteria! Integrates with Zoom, OutlookGoogle Calendar and more!

AI & Chat

Our AI conversation bot, Social Media Chat and Website Chat will engage with couples 24/7 so you don’t miss that important Saturday night DM.

The lead will be warmed up, qualified and assigned to a Sales rep ready for Monday morning!

Wedding Sales CRM Platform

Manage all your leads from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and your website in one place – using our Wedding Sales CRM pipeline. Track phone calls, assign leads to specific reps and follow up on promising leads.

Reporting & so much more!

As well as in-depth reporting dashboards, our platform has a wealth of other tools and features. It also features an open API, meaning your developers can customise our platform to meet any bespoke requirement.

The leading venue marketing agency combined with the best venue marketing platform

Our combination of marketing services and marketing software means that the leads we generate are more cost effective, and more likely to turn into a wedding booking.

No other agency has our wedding venue speciality or combined marketing system.

Earn better quality traffic

“90% of couple start their venue research on Google”.

Our industry-leading SEO, Google Ads and Content Marketing campaigns will make sure your venue is quick to find online, and will capture high-intent couples who are looking for a venue just like yours’.

Manage your leads with AI

We know that too many leads can be an issue for venues. 

Our award-winning marketing platform will automatically send emails, SMS messages and voicemails to interested couples at the right moment.

We’ll introduce them to your venue and guide them to your objective such as booking a call or scheduling tour with your sales team.

Automate your sales & marketing

Our venue marketing platform can replace tools such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Calendly, Hootsuite and more. But most importantly, everything is designed with Wedding Venues in mind. 

Turn couples into lifelong ambassadors

Our Review & Feedback features encourage happy couples celebrate their perfect day and share positive reviews about your venue on websites such as Google.

Monitor reviews and keep track of sentiment to ensure your venue’s reputation shines.

Popular Questions

So are you a marketing agency or software tool?

We’re a leading wedding venue marketing agency, combined with a revolutionary marketing tool to help grow your venue! The best of both. We generate high quality leads, and then use our software to convert them into bookings.

Do you offer SEO, Social Media Management and other Marketing Services?

Yes! We’re leading experts in SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Email & More! Our Marketing programs contain a range of these.

I already use a CRM, or Live Chat, Do I have to use your full platform?

No – we can integrate with other CRMs too!  There are some parts of our platform such as AI and SMS Messaging that we insist you use to get the best results.

Can I use Venue Spark with my existing Website?

Yes – our marketing services and tools integrate with existing websites such as WordPress!  We can also build you a new WordPress website if required!

How much does your service cost?

We have a range of marketing programs to suit wedding venues. Our programs start from $1,500 per month. Get in touch to learn more.

Where can I see the tools in action?

Sure! We’d love to show you what we can do. You can book a demo with us here.